TC Tolbert’s i: not he : not i (2014)


tc tolbert‘s i:not he:not i shows us what a singing, breathing body is–– offers a cyclical, careful examination of the tiny miracle-machines beneath the skin. liz kramer’s vibrant colored collages offer diagrams for the dreamed up bodies of tc’s immortal poetry and prose.


“Dear you,

The importance of folding things nicely. Needle-nose pliers. The light left on above
the kitchen sink. It once was and then wasn’t and now is again. What god never
would have blamed me for hiding. A chronology of suitable offerings. What we spill
and then stare at, delightedly. The body as it is singing. Or not.”


tc tolbert is a queer, a poet, and a teacher. s/he’s the author of Gephyromania and chapbooks spirare and territories of folding. s/he co-edited Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics. s/he would like to thank his family (given and chosen) for showing up. and the editors of pitymilk press for offering this body a place to live.

i: not he: not i is dedicated to stewball and mt. for love and letting go.

liz kremer is an artist, teacher, and complainer who lives in milwaukee. please send any love/hate notes, ideas for drawings, pictures of animals in costumes and/or nude photos to


24 pages. hand sewn. cover letter pressed on craft card-stock. vellum title page. colored collages by liz kremer. layout and design by chelsea tadeyeske and edie roberts.


$8 includes shipping


printed april 2014

official release date july 1st, 2014.

email if you’d rather not use PayPal and we will find a way to get you this gem.

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