TC Tolbert’s i: not he : not i (2014)


TC Tolbert’s i:not he:not i shows us what a singing, breathing body is–– offers a cyclical, careful examination of the tiny miracle-machines beneath the skin.

“Dear you,

The importance of folding things nicely. Needle-nose pliers. The light left on above
the kitchen sink. It once was and then wasn’t and now is again. What god never
would have blamed me for hiding. A chronology of suitable offerings. What we spill
and then stare at, delightedly. The body as it is singing. Or not.”


tc tolbert is a queer, a poet, and a teacher. s/he’s the author of Gephyromania and chapbooks spirare and territories of folding. s/he co-edited Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics. s/he would like to thank his family (given and chosen) for showing up. and the editors of pitymilk press for offering this body a place to live.

i: not he: not i is dedicated to Stewball and MT. For love and letting go.


24 pages. Hand sewn. Cover letter pressed on craft card-stock. Colored collages by Liz Kremer. Layout and design by Chelsea Tadeyeske and E. R. Perry.


$8 Including Shipping


Printed April 2014

Official release date July 1st, 2014.

Email if you’d rather not use PayPal and we will find a way to get you this gem.


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