sneak peek: michael sikkema and elisabeth workman’s Moon Poon (2016)


pitymilk is proud to announce that MOON POON, a syntax-tricky-lunar-sexy collab by dream team Micheal Sikkema and Elisabeth Workman, will be released later this season! the two are authors of 2014’s TERRORISM IS WHAT WHALE off of Grey Book Press. MOON POON will be accompanied by the illustrations of psychedelic cartoon angel Erin K Drew.

here’s a peek :moonpoon1

more details to come



An annual online journal showcasing the breakdown of singular authorship with collaborative poetry, sound and visual art. Features work by russ sara woods//carrie lorig, freesia mckee//anja notanja sieger//elizabeth scott, sidney cherie hilley//bz bu//sean m. foster//cola leckrone, robin lamer rahjia//lewis dejong, neil campau//erin case, robert j. baumann//chuck stebelton, nava fader//robin f. brox, russell bennetts//rauan klassnik, margaret bashaar//kelly boyker, paul baker//ron czerwien//jordan dunn//andy gricevich//martha kaplan, tony mancus//matt sadler, yvette nepper//megan martin, amy jo trier-walker, erin dorney//tyler barton, daniel kessel//joyce lainé,  michael sikkema//elisabeth workman and laura goldstein//nikki wallschlaeger.

All titles with an * are links to their audio and/or visual accompaniments.

we aren’t dead!!!

hey hey hey babes of the universe,

pitymilk is excited to announce she’s in the midst of producing two new chaps by hot shots parker tettleton and tc tolbert, as well as issue two of gritty silk featuring work by russ woods and carrie lorig, laura goldstein and nikki wallschlaeger, mike sikkema and elisabeth workman, among many, many others. all set to hit the air in late may before the next midwest small press festival in KC! keep your eyes peeled for deets as they unfold!!!




dribble, dribble.

Gritty Silk Issue One Is Here!

Peek it:


Features work by Paula Cisewski and Rauan Klassnik, Rob McLennan and Christine McNair, Leslie Seldin and Deborah Schwartz, Joe Milazzo and Cody Ross Rex, Mike Hauser and Zack Pieper, Krystal Languell, Becca Klaver, Hanna Andrews, JT Tamayo, Caolan Madden, Marisa Crawford, Lily Ladewig and Emily Skillings, Mike Sikkema, Robin Brox, and mIEKAL aND, Crystal Hartman and Rachel Mindell, Amanda Earl and Sandra Ridley, Chuck Stebelton and Cathy Cunningham, Sarah Jackson and Chris Shipman, Sarah Cook and J. Jean Teed, Matthew Conley and Jamison Crabtree, Zoe Addison and Cynthia Spencer, Cat Ries and Noah Witt, Baron, Jim Leftwich and John M. Bennett, Tony Mancus and Michael Rerick, and Edwin R. Perry and Chelsea Tadeyeske.

Checking In

Greetings lovelies,

Gritty Silk Issue One is almost here! Prepare yourself for some rad work from Paula Cisewski and Rauan Klassnik, Mike Sikkema, mIEKAL aND, and Robin Brox, Tony Mancus and Michael Rerick, Jamison Crabtree and Matthew Conley, Sarah Jackson and Chris Shipman, among many, many others. It’s gonna lovingly twist yr skulls!

But wait! Don’t forget to also look out for two Pity releases during the Second Annual Midwest Small Press Festival ( from Milwaukee natives Cynthia Spencer and Bethany V. Price. Check out the ‘chapbooks’ tab for some tasty little teasers from both chaps.

Ahhh. It’s all happening!


Gritty Silk Issue One Call for Submissions

gritty silk is poised to be an annual journal of collaborative work with an interest in the break down of singular authorship and the development of functional creative exchange within a “poetic” community. Our tastes at the outset are most certainly bent toward the wonderfully surreal but tactile: work which re-envisions the mundane, explores outsider status and alternative voice(s), and/or refuses overtly rational ideas of “meaning” found in easily digestable artistic production. We are asking for 1-5 pieces of collaborative poetry, poetic prose, fictional hybrids, visual work, sound play or any other experimental forms you might be inspired to sculpt with one another. These pieces may exist singularly but we encourage explorations of seriality. It is favorable to submit work that is conscious of itself: work which defies logical sensibility, but still carries a kind of intrinsic coherence. We encourage you to explore experimental formats (whatever that phrase inspires within you) to allow form and structure to mirror and augment voice, intent and resonance. But foremost, do it with someone(s) else.

So again: please submit 1-5 pieces of collaborative poetry, poetic prose, fiction hybrids, visual and experimental forms, etc. etc. in the body of an email, word document, PDF, PSD, or TIFF file(s) if the pieces entail extensive formatting or are visual in nature (ideally they would be sized at roughly half a page with at least 160dpi, transparent backgrounds would make our lives easier as well if you can get it in a TIFF or PSD format), along with a creative but concise, collective bio. (Things we’d be interested in knowing, whether you put it directly in your collective bio or not, would be things like: from where you hail, what is the relationship between you, what was the process of collaboration, etc) Submissions should be sent to as soon as you’ve got them, if not sooner.