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DUETDUET (vol 1) & call for submissions

e.r. perry and i got bored over break and started a new journal called DUETDUET. it’s poised to be an experiment in happy accidents. publishing equal amounts of work from two separate authors, perhaps strangers, and oriented in opposite directions, the results are curiously perfect hot air balloons.

if you’d be interested in seeing your poems dance, row a tiny boat, and/or make shapes with another’s, send 5-8 pages worth of work either stand-alone, short series or a longer piece to with ‘DUETDUET’ somewhere in the subject line. here is the link to the first one featuring work from yours truly and e.r. perry. check out the ‘DUETDUET’ tab for more details.



pitymilk is excited to introduce, MOON POON, a syntax-tricky collab that dreams queerly erotic. becoming Georges Bataille’s The Solar Anus’ lunar twin, Micheal Sikkema and Elisabeth Workman give you an alternative history that is very now and always was beneath the surface of the moon. images by Indianapolis based artist Erin K Drew throttle you through this cartoon wet dream.

if your new years resolution is to get trippy and drippy on a pile of dreamy lunar angels, get your copy NOW by checking out the chapbooks tab   ❤


sneak peek: michael sikkema and elisabeth workman’s Moon Poon (2016)

pitymilk is proud to announce that MOON POON, a syntax-tricky-lunar-sexy collab by dream team Micheal Sikkema and Elisabeth Workman, will be released later this season! the two are authors of 2014’s TERRORISM IS WHAT WHALE off of Grey Book Press. MOON POON will be accompanied by the illustrations of psychedelic cartoon angel Erin K Drew.

here’s a peek :moonpoon1

more details to come  ❤



an annual online journal showcasing the breakdown of singular authorship with collaborative poetry, sound and visual art. features work by russ sara woods//carrie lorig, freesia mckee//anja notanja sieger//elizabeth scott, sidney cherie hilley//bz bu//sean m. foster//cola leckrone, robin lamer rahjia//lewis dejong, neil campau//erin case, robert j. baumann//chuck stebelton, nava fader//robin f. brox, russell bennetts//rauan klassnik, margaret bashaar//kelly boyker, paul baker//ron czerwien//jordan dunn//andy gricevich//martha kaplan, tony mancus//matt sadler, yvette nepper//megan martin, amy jo trier-walker, erin dorney//tyler barton, daniel kessel//joyce lainé, michael sikkema//elisabeth workman and laura goldstein//nikki wallschlaeger.

all titles with an * are links to their audio and/or visual accompaniments.

we aren’t dead!!!

hey hey hey babes of the universe,

pitymilk is excited to announce she’s in the midst of producing two new chaps by hot shots parker tettleton and tc tolbert, as well as issue two of gritty silk featuring work by russ woods and carrie lorig, laura goldstein and nikki wallschlaeger, mike sikkema and elisabeth workman, among many, many others. all set to hit the air in late may before the next midwest small press festival in KC! keep your eyes peeled for deets as they unfold!!!


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