gritty silk is an online journal showcasing the breakdown of singular authorship with collaborative poetry, sound and visual art. issue two features work by sara woods//carrie lorig, freesia mckee//anja notanja sieger//elizabeth scott, sidney cherie hilley//bz bu//sean m. foster//cola leckrone, robin lamer rahjia//lewis dejong, neil campau//erin case, robert j. baumann//chuck stebelton, nava fader//robin f. brox, russell bennetts//rauan klassnik, margaret bashaar//kelly boyker, paul baker//ron czerwien//jordan dunn//andy gricevich//martha kaplan, tony mancus//matt sadler, yvette nepper//megan martin, amy jo trier-walker, erin dorney//tyler barton, daniel kessel//joyce lainé, michael sikkema//elisabeth workman and laura goldstein//nikki wallschlaeger.

all titles with an * are links to their audio and/or visual accompaniments.

to view gritty silk: issue two either click on the image or click here.

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