Wheeler Light’s Hometown Onomastics (June 2019)




Wheeler Light’s Hometown Onomastics shatters apart many rocks from one with its unrelenting familial and ancestral inquisitions. In the rubble you find the mysteries that swim between our names or are buried in the foundations of our hometowns. Light’s poetry and prose is expansive in its scope and unapologetically alive with both curiosity and knowing.


Wheeler Light is a Pushcart Prize & Best of the Net nominee, as well as the recipient of the IthacaLit Difficult Fruit Poetry Prize. He is the 2018 Denver Mercury Café Poetry Slam Grand Slam Champion and his writing has been featured in many journals such as: December Magazine, New Delta Review, and Hobart, among others. He is the author of Blue Means Snow (Bottlecap Press 2018) and is the co-founder of What Are Birds? Journal.

Jon Middleton is a cultural and environmental ecologist currently residing in Minneapolis. He used to live in Portland but he grew tired of stealing all of his groceries.


$8 includes shipping


32 pages. Hand sewn. Cover laser printed on craft card-stock.

Official release on June 27th, 2019

Illustrations throughout by Jon Middleton

Layout and design by Chelsea Tadeyeske and Edie Roberts

Promo photo by Wheeler Light