Jessie Knoles’ CHASING OLD HAUNTS (August 2018)


Jessie Knoles’ CHASING OLD HAUNTS is one part Midwest exorcism, one part millennial castle—all parts haunting. This collection is a diagram of the very things that make us up–cornstalks, loons, shedded eggs, and fidget spinners–dead or alive, inanimate and infinite. Knoles’ poems are foggy fever dreams we can’t stop chasing.


Jessie Knoles is a Midwesterner living in Washingon state. She is happiest in libraries, museums, forests, and airports. She is a poetry editor for hobart pulp. You can find her online on twitter @jrkjrkjrkjrkjrk.

Wazaloo is a Milwaukee-based self-taught illustrator. Her work attempts to translate powerful, intangible feelings & abstract thoughts into a simplified visual language. Personally therapeutic, she hopes the symbolic imagery she produces helps others to understand themselves & their emotions more.


$8 includes shipping


24 pages. Hand sewn. Cover laser printed on craft card-stock.

Official release on August 1st, 2018

Illustrations throughout by Wazaloo

Layout and design by Chelsea Tadeyeske and Edie Roberts