Parker Tettleton’s Ours Mine Yours (2014)


Ours Mine Yours, the latest from Parker Tettleton, twirls syntax around on its fork, defiantly snaps from the tethers of space and time into writhing pools of feeling.

“Our heartbreak’s my rinse your. You ours said I thrill not. I know you name
our wished. Repeat directions, ingredients. Our never I’ve heard you I’ve
I’ve I’ve–. Rinse, thrill, wished. Ours mine yours. Oh little everything all


Parker Tettleton is a Leo, a vegan, a resident of Portland, Oregon. He is also the author of the grocery-shopping-themed collection GREENS (Thunderclap Press 2012), the chapbook SAME OPPOSITE (Thunderclap Press 2010) & co-author, alongside Riley Michael Parker, of the chapbook MAN SUGAR (Housefire Books 2014). More or less is here:

He would like to thank Kat Dixon for being his reason to visit Atlanta.


32 pages. Hand sewn. Cover laser printed on craft card-stock. Images by Patricia Murphy and John Christopher Sloan. Layout and design by Chelsea Tadeyeske and E. R. Perry.


$6 Including Shipping


Printed April, 2014

Official release date July 1st, 2014.

Email if you’d rather not use PayPal and we will find a way to get you this gem.


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