DUETDUET vol 5: ricky garni & elyse johnson (winter 2020)


DUETDUET vol 5 features 6 poems by ricky garni and elyse johnson‘s series a good christian woman is god’s favorite ocean, upside down or right side up depending on how you hold it. ever wondered what a tango between fidel castro and harrison ford would look like? here is your chance to find out. both garni and johnson offer poems by minds at play in infinite, starlit space filled with ripe pineapples, marie curie’s photograph, a distressed tom hanks, and piles of hunter’s hearts. fifth edition of a continuing series.


24 pages. hand sewn. cover and insides laser printed on craft stock. layout and design by chelsea tadeyeske.

printed december 2019.
officially released january 2020.


$5 includes shipping

$30 includes shipping : DUETDUET ultimate bundle (all 6 volumes + DOOMDUET)

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