MOON POON is a syntax-tricky collab that dreams queerly erotic. becoming georges bataille’s The Solar Anus’ lunar twin, sikkema and workman give you an alternative history that is very now and always was beneath the surface of the moon. images by indianapolis based artist, erin k drew, throttle you through this cartoon wet dream.


“I interpret climax trouble and the wobble is problematic purity. Interpret other worlds. Throbby ebb here, theremin siesta in the posture of another. Orgiastic impishness tells some theater intestines to applaud doom forts.

It is fear when the word is purely clear. More clavicle. Make catapult. The world is penile. The world is pragmatic. The world is not true! In other worlds, each pore’s a portal, or a sum, a thing on a prime flotilla full of devious feelings. It’s always something.”


sikkema & workman’s third mind also wrote the Grey Book Press chapbook TERRORISM IS WHAT WHALE. they live simultaneously in michigan & minnesota, simultaneously drinking the occasional beer, simultaneously communicating via the great lake network, simultaneously inventing new uses for the body and its area light.

erin k drew is an artist, educator and organizer from indianapolis, in. past projects have included General Public Collective, Difficult Women, Cartoon Research Laboratory, and Extreme Appearances blog.


44 pages. hand sewn. cover laser printed on craft card-stock with moonlike back page cut out. vellum title page. images by erin k drew. layout and design by chelsea tadeyeske and edie roberts.


$10 includes shipping


printed december, 2016

official release date december 31st, 2016

email pitymilkpress@gmail.com if you’d rather not use PayPal and we will find a way to get you this gem.