Jane Flett’s MASHNOTES (May 2018)

Jane Flett’s MASHNOTES is what she describes as ‘a collection of romantic poems in the grand tradition of Sappho and Byron… a mix of weird spells and declarations of filth to all the cuties I’ve ever made out with.’


Jane Flett is an over-excitable pervert with a penchant for ridiculous metaphors and glitter. She’s been published in over 70 literary journals and translated into Polish, Croatian and Japanese. Jane’s a recipient of the Scottish Book Trust New Writer Award and was featured in the Best British Poetry anthology of 2012.


Rosie Ship uses she/her/they pronouns, makes functional and narrative art, and loves communing with nature, upcycling, hanging out with dogs, day dreaming, and researching. Grateful to be back in school, living with parents and nearing 30, she is majoring in Sustainability while focusing on garment making and ecological economics. Find them on Instagram @rosieship or their website rosieship.com.


9€ ($10.47 USD) includes shipping


32 pages. Hand Sewn. Cover laser printed on craft card-stock with glitter finish.

Official release on May 28th, 2018

Illustrations throughout by Rosie Ship

Layout and design by Chelsea Tadeyeske