bethany price’s first chapbook is a generous bevy of ekphrastic hip-hop poems armed with rhythm, soul and surprise. kristin peterson’s drawings add depth of frantic feeling that keeps pace with bethany’s charging and undying melodies.


“to be fair your bed
is like a tree & I had
to climb it I know
we are strangers
your piano seduced me
like a bad dream
where I end up
with pleasure
I didn’t ask for
I can’t sweet you if
your mind isn’t
wet with wonder.”


bethany price leaves erotic books on the sidewalks of the city. she got her bachelor’s degree in creative writing at uw-milwaukee, and works at a bookshop. she wrote these poems on many bus rides around the city, listening to the same songs over and over.

kristin peterson yields for nighttime. she inks right side up and to the groovy meows of the neighborbood wildlife. she illustrated All I Wanna Do in her parents’ kitchen, careful not to wake them.


32 pages. hand sewn. cover laser printed on craft card-stock. illustrations by kristin peterson. layout and design by chelsea tadeyeske and edie roberts.

released at the second annual midwest small press festival in milwaukee june 2013.


$5 includes shipping

email if you’d rather not use PayPal and we will find a way to get you this gem.


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