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gritty silk is an online journal showcasing the breakdown of singular authorship with collaborative poetry, sound and visual art. issue one features work by paula cisewski & rauan klassnik, rob mclennan & christine mcnair, leslie seldin & deborah schwartz, joe milazzo & cody ross rex, mike hauser & zack pieper, krystal languell, becca klaver, hanna andrews, jt tamayo, caolan madden, marisa crawford, lily ladewig & emily skillings, michael sikkema, robin brox & mIEKAL aND, crystal hartman & rachel mindell, amanda earl & sandra ridley, chuck stebelton & cathy cunningham, sarah jackson & chris shipman, sarah cook and j. jean teed, matthew conley & jamison crabtree, zoe addison & cynthia spencer, cat ries & noah witt, baron, jim leftwich & john m. bennett, tony mancus & michael rerick, and edwin r. perry & chelsea tadeyeske.


to view gritty silk: issue one either click the image or click here.

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